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This model was created by Dr Mel Haith-Cooper. It is published in Nurse Education Today (see articles of interest) who have given permission to use the model on our website.

The framework from the model has informed the organisation of the Maternity Stream films

It is helpful to think about the pregnant women in the centre of the model and factors in her environment (UK and home country) that can affect her needs whilst she is pregnant.

This model is useful for training staff who work with asylum seeking and refugee women. If you would like further information or advice about using the model please contact Mel
[email protected]

The full article can be found at:
Haith-Cooper M., Bradshaw G (2013) Meeting the health and social needs of pregnant asylum seekers; midwifery student’s perspectives. Part 3; the pregnant women withing the global context. Nurse Education Today 33(9):1008-1013