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“Childbirth in the UK, stories from refugees” is a film of first-hand accounts of the many challenges refugee and asylum seeking women often face throughout pregnancy, birth and the early stages of motherhood. Watching the women speak about the physical, emotional and cultural difficulties they have sought to overcome is thought provoking, enlightening and heart wrenching.

The content of the film has been led by asylum seeking and refugee women and links with the model “Pregnant Woman in the Global Context developed by Dr Mel Cooper. It helps to develop a deeper understanding of the issues highlighted in the different layers of the model.

Details of the model can be found on the Maternity Stream website:

With thanks to all the courageous women who have shared their stories in the film.

Thank you to the Yorkshire and Humber LETB for funding the film and the Refugee Council and Choto Moni Children’s Centre for hosting the filming.

The film was produced by the Faculty of Health Studies and The Working Academy at the University of Bradford 2014.