'Birth With Sanctuary' is a series of videos with women's testimonies on seeking asylum in the UK and giving birth. You can find the full playlist on Youtube. 

'Birth with Sanctuary' - Introduction video

Birth Stories

"I didn't know what happened to me" - Fatima's story

Giving birth alone - Diana's story

'She told me "You are a strong woman"' - Christina's story

Home birth - Sara's story

Birth with support - Sara's story

Giving birth with support - Miranda's story

Seeking Sanctuary

'Running away from FGM' - a testimony on FGM

'There was no political tolerance' - Emily's story

From escape to detention - Miranda's story

Pregnant in detention - Miranda's story

'Until now I am running to get my statement' - Tabitha's story

Asylum with children - Diako's story

'We have waited for this moment for so long' - Diako's story

Tips for finding work - Diako's story

Asylum with children - Sara's story

Finding my family - Sara's story

Working with women seeking sanctuary

Birth with Sanctuary - Maurice Wren (Chief Executive of Refugee Council)

A call to action - Rose

How a midwife can make a difference - Nada

'Volunteering has greatly enriched my life' - Val

'We are all just humans'

Working outside your bubble

'As a midwife, I didn't have full awareness' - Sue

Volunteering - Sara