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Interviewees needed for new study on migrant women’s experiences of antenatal care during detention

Bradford University Health Studies Department of Sanctuary has an MSc student undertaking a study  ‘What are migrant women’s experiences of antenatal care during detention?’

She has now gained ethical approval and is at the point of finding women to interview who fit the following criteria:

Spent some time in a detention centre whilst being pregnant and have had a baby in the last two years.

Please cascade this request through your networks. The researcher, Fozia lives in Yorkshire but is willing to travel. Any women who have spent part of their pregnancy in detention, and who is willing to be interviewed for this important study, is invited to send their contact details to the Research Supervisor Dr Mel Cooper, Director of Post Graduate Research, Faculty of Health Studies  at Bradford University.

Please click here for more information and phone contacts: Information sheet for pregnant migrant women study