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New service providing advice on charging for NHS maternity care and access to care for women from abroad


Maternity Action has launched the Maternity Care Access Advice Service to advise women and professionals on access to NHS maternity care by women from abroad, including charging for NHS care.

The Maternity Care Access Advice Service provides telephone and email advice and online information to help women get the maternity care they need, to advise women on whether they have to pay for their NHS maternity care and to help women deal with problems relating to their charging.

We provide advice to women, their friends and family, midwives, other health professionals, advice workers and community workers.

We assist women from abroad, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, EU and EEA nationals and UK citizens.

All calls are free of charge.  We provide telephone interpreting.  The service is confidential.  We will not share your information with any other organisation or Government agency without your permission.